Initial Look at .Net Core

In the last 2 days I have done something new and jumped straight from the diving board and into the pool that is the .Net Core. No more researching and thinking about it just going to dive in and code a few things, watch some videos as I go and all the research will be inline with a project or purpose. Trying to avoid that analysis paralysis that I have so awesomely perfected…

To start, the .Net core isn’t too much different than .Net, really (duh!)… C# is still my language of choice and I have created two applications and dissected them to the point of being able to show someone how to write them on their own already. The one application is the famous “Hello World!” that every programmer has to do at least once just to see it. Then, of course, I had to dive into the web realm a little and see what trouble I can get in there. I wrote a standard ASP.Net Hello World application to see the beginnings of the web architecture. So far, so good.

Getting started I looked at the following site: .NET Core

I also had already installed Visual Studio Code from a previous use of the editor. I did update it before I started this process. I also told myself that for better or worse I would stay in VSCode for all of my workings for the time being to give it a fair shot. This turned out to be a big distraction in and of itself as I got caught up in git within the editor.

I know, me get caught up in git… Who would have thought?!?

What I have found is the following:

  • .Net Core on Mac has no more hand holding… Meaning the code is mind to write and there isn’t much to the project templates as without yeoman there isn’t much of a template.
  • Web applications still had the Program.cs and a Main method… Weird… I didn’t expect that.
  • Not having openssl led to a couple issues in the beginning. I didn’t expect this and plan to research this a little more.
  • command sequence = dotnet new -> dotnet restore -> dotnet run
  • Git appears fairly well integrated but has a few options that can get you in a lot of trouble (anything where you can undo… NO! WHY?!?! undo changes history, you shouldn’t try to rewrite history)
  • Current materials for the stuff are lacking and I can’t wait to attack this with a few friends!
  • If you want templates there is this thing called Yeoman which is next to play with
  • I also get to figure out Bower, Grunt and Gulp as they are installed as part of the tutorial I am going through.

so far I have to say I am not as big a hater on VSCode as I once was. Don’t get me wrong, it is still just a text editor but the fact that I can use the terminal inside the editor and I can navigate multiple solutions, play with git (basics -> add, commit mainly) is a bonus.

For those looking to get a start I would start with the .NET Core link above. Make sure that you get VSCode installed and ignore Yeoman, Gulp and Grunt and all the other stuff until you have something working. Then you can play with more toys. It’s like any good collectible game, start with the base set first. Make sure you learn how to play and that you like it before you go buying (installing) all the other expansions (features).


You can count on more to come here… I’m just getting started.

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