Paying It Forward

I have to admit that the following was not a planned encounter, the intention was not to use or teach the things of this course to anyone initially. Instead I was asked by someone for some advice specifically in regards to organizing one’s thoughts, managing tasks and time management. Without even realizing it I started reflecting on this course and the portion where we learned about Nozbe and keeping task lists and getting organized. My first reaction in the case where someone asked me how to get focused on the task at hand was the exercise we did where we wrote down everything we were thinking about at the time. I can remember getting in front my whiteboard and later a piece of paper and just writing everything I was currently thinking about down. I told them to try this. The result for me was a sense of relief since I no longer had to think about everything and could refer back to the list.

This technique alone is one that I plan to use with many people who constantly ask me how I am able to manage my daily tasks and make time for extra curricular activities. It is very neat trick that really did free my mind to focus on what I needed to. Once written I could review the list, organize the list and even prioritize the list. This made it easy to see what really mattered and what I could put off or what I really didn’t need to worry about.

Given my current position teaching in a bootcamp and the amount of tasks we throw at each apprentice I see this as a great way to pay it forward. I can help those apprentices that ask by sitting through this exercise with them, getting them started down the path and then I plan to follow up with them from time to time to see how things are going. For those that I have already started I plan to look in on them this coming week and see how things are going.

Thanks unstoppable for a great tool in my arsenal…

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