My Optimal Health

In this week’s episode of the Unstoppable Course we focused on Optimal Health. What does optimal health look like? Can it be achieved? The truth of the matter is that optimal health is different each of us. We each have our own vision of what optimal health will look like. ( more… )

Git the importance of a commit

Git is a system centered around the idea of a save point, a commit. When you use the source control software you create many commits throughout the life cycle of the application. These save points serve a number of purposes such as showing what you did to create a given ( more… )

Managing Stress

This week in Unstoppable is about stress management and resilience, two things I am all too comfortable with. It’s funny because just this week I was reflecting back on grade school and it must have been 7th or 8th grade and the teacher asked the question if anyone in the ( more… )